Free Move - Turn Off Pick Up Animation

When a shape or picture is set to move freely, it resizes a little bit larger when the user touches it.

This gives the effect that the asset is being ‘picked up’. It would be nice to turn this off/on as needed, because sometimes the exact size of an asset is needed.

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@AlexB, yeah we had this issue… We wanted a user to move a picture, but did not want it to change size.

Our work-around was to put an invisible asset shape (rectangle) in front of our image and bind the movement to the image (we also disabled touch on the image). So the user never actually touched our picture. The other requirement was to limit how far the picture could be moved and placed in certain spots… We used drag and drop triggers and custom converters to control the x and x coordinates.

Hope this helps.

@AlexL Thanks, that is good advice. I’ve got a work around so I’m good to go. Would be nice to have this little checkbox though, right?

@AlexB yeah a checkbox would be ideal…but, there are a lot of little things that just aren’t there yet.
Good luck…