hi there, i have the following scenario:

1 group named STAGE ( tagged as Static )
inside this group i have a WEBCAM and few images,

what i want

the stage and the webcam fixed on screen, and the images free to move inside group.

my problem
if i set group FREE, all itens are movable, include STAGE and WEBCAM .
if i set group static, all itens are not movable. and i really need images free to take snapshot of GROUP stage.

thanks in advance.

Henrique Cariboni


In order to do that, the way to go is:

  • use a Pinboard instead of a Group
  • set Container property of the elements you want fixed like Webcam, frame etc to Static
  • set Container property of the elements you want movable like hat, mustache etc to Free
  • use action “take snapshot” on the Pinboard Asset

And voilà!

I’ve made a quick sample I’m attaching here, feel free to dig in to see how it’s built. (7.5 MB)

For a more evolved Sample, I recommend you to download our free sample Self-service Photo Booth from the Marketplace and explore it in your Composer.




thanks a lot, works like a charm :slight_smile:

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