Formatting text with Excel dataset

If we have formatted text in an excel spreadsheet that is associated with a project, is there a way to maintain the formatting in the interactive?

So if a cell in the spreadsheet that has this…

The Runaway, painted by Norman Rockwell

You will see that The Runaway is italicized in Excel. Is there a way to preserve that in Intuiface?


The text formatting of an excel’s cell cannot be reflected in IntuiFace.

To make use of pre-formatted text, you can use HTML text in your excel’s cell and bind it to a Rich Text asset in IntuiFace.

The following is an example of rich text that can be added in excel:

<div><p><span style='font-size:38; color:#262626;'>This is <span style='font-style:italic;font-weight:bold;color:#83EEF6;'>my rich</span> text</span></p></div>

I hope this helps