Fonts from Excel


When you bind the “Font” attribute to an excel sheet cell that reads “Arial” you can change the font to “Arial Regular” but if you change the cell to “Arial Black” it does not work. In Intuiface the font name is presented as “Arial Black,” internally it is clearly looking for a different string.

How do I find out what naming convention will set the correct “Font” from an Excel file? If I wanted to use “Arial Black” or “Helvetica Neue 67 Bold Italic” etc, how do I find the name compatible with Intuiface?


Hi @Inadel,

That’s a good question :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly, it is not possible to bind font values from an excel sheet. You can bind the font value from a Text asset to another text asset but not from Excel.

The reason is that fonts are in fact made of different properties like the font type (ex: Myriad Pro), the font style (ex: normal, bold, italic), the font weight (ex: 700). This is not visible in Composer but that’s what happens behind the scenes. When you bind the value from an excel spreadheet, we cannot correctly feed these properties.

I invite you to create a wishlist item for this request.