Font size and other dimensions change inside of Collection?

Hey folks, I’m hoping someone can tell me what the deal is with dimensions and font sizes inside of Collections, I can’t make heads or tails of it.

I meticulously built out our UI in Figma and initially used the same sizes, positions and font sizes to ensure the same design appears in Intuiface. But when I then migrated all of those elements into a Collection, things went haywire. Many of the elements scaled up dramatically, and none of the dimensions make sense anymore (a 44px font, for example, now has to be set to about 18px for the same actual size).

Seems pretty ridiculous to have to just eyeball all of these sizes and positions now, but that’s all I’m left with unless there’s an option I’m missing somewhere. What am I missing, and/or why are those dimensions changing just because they’re inside a container?

Hi Whit,

The best thing to do here will be to contact our support team, they’ll ask you to share your XP with them to see what’s going wrong there.
My guess is that you have some Groups involved and in some rare cases, the coordinate scale can be changed if put in & out of some collections, or if elements are resized before / after adding them to that group.
Analyzing your particular XP will help us provide a better answer.