Folder capability in Experience Manager . .

I’m starting to generate language versions of experiences and don’t necessarily want to have them in the same experience on different scenes, plus I need local content added by local people, so its easier to manage if they are all separate.

Of course, this means I am going to have a lot of experiences in the panel.

I can search, of course, for ‘English’, ‘German’, ‘French’, etc . . . but if I had a hierarchy at the first level of folders named UK/Germany/France, I could easily identify where experiences are kept.

Being able to group experiences into folders or groups would be a great way of organising things. Especially if there are multiple people managing the experiences.

Hi @AGCOParts Thanks for the idea. Let me open a poll to see how others think!

  • I’d also find it useful to be able to group experiences into folders
  • I don’t think it’s a necessary feature.

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