Focus on text input on entering scene


I have a scene with a text input. I put an action on the scene that entering edit mode on the input on scene has been loaded.
Problem is that this doesn’t work. I still need to touch the input to start typing.

What can I be doing wrong here?

Hi @johan,
When you say it doesn’t work do you mean that you’re trying to use a physical keyboard to input the text?
When you enter editing mode you have to either use the virtual keyboard or tap the input text to start typing using a physical keyboard.

Hi @anastasia,

Yeah, I am using a “physical keyboard”. Actualy I am using python to emulate keystrokes.
So there is no way to achieve this?

there’s a workaround, instead of the trigger being ‘scene entered’ - set up ‘timer has elapsed’ to 0.1 sec and it should work.

Hi @anastasia,

it doesn’t seem to work. I also tried a slightly longer timer of 0.5s, but without the expected result.

I’m not sure where your issue is coming from.

Here are the steps I took:

  • add text input
  • add a trigger (to the scene) : when timer has elapsed 0.1 sec
  • then : text input > enter editing mode

(click GIF to zoom)

Are you following the same steps and still getting an issue?

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