Floating items on presentation

Hi Guys, im trying to create a nice experience for a museum, and thay are asking me to make the items float by all the screen.

Something like this

Is there some way to make this with IntuiFace?

I already tried a couple of things but without success.

@ac1 Some time ago, this feature was requested for the “Pin Board” collection. The idea would be to click a button and the items will randomly drift across the screen.

But since it’s not a built in feature - my thoughts go to the random nature of the movements. Somewhere you would use the random number generator interface asset. Possibly have all the items entered into excel, with x position, y position, rotation, and maybe a duration column. Change the randomly generated values at certain intervals, and the assets will drift to those new positions according to their duration.

I’ve never done this, but this is where I would start…and see if there’s any shortcuts along the way lol. Good luck.