Flip Chart - Scroll to Index

Hi all. I’ve created a flip chart using custom buttons however I’m only able to get it to ‘flip’ if I use the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ actions. I have more than 2 groups within my flip chart so I want to give the user the option of skipping some using several buttons eg: button1, button2, button3, button4 etc - similar to a pagination.

I mirrored the same technique as my carousel by using the ‘Scroll to Index’ action. Unfortunately the flip chart doesn’t animate when using this method, any ideas how I can animate the flip whilst jumping to a different part of the flip chart?

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately, it’s a known Window Player issue and our Dev Team is aware of it.
However it works on a Player of Kiosk/Tablet.
(you can switch on Composer Menu Project > Use Player for Tablets/Kiosks)