Flickr Search String

Is there a way to only display a certain flickr album.
We would like to display just our company flickr album?


Hi Mark,

With the official Flickr Interface Asset provided within IntuiFace, you can’t do something else than searching for photos on Flickr with keywords.

I quickly created a custom Interface Asset using Flickr REST API and shared a demo with you.
In this one, you have both a user_id and a text property letting you choose between both ways of searching pictures in Flickr.

Hope that answers your need.


Hi! I am facing the same problem - I need to make sure only images from a specific album is shown.

Could you share the custom interface asset where you made this possible?

Given that Intuiface is widely used in public areas perhaps this would be a good tutorial to publish on your website?

In my case we want to show images from our librarys Flickr account but we do not want the risk of accidentally showing other accounts images.

Best regards/Fredrik

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Even better would be if this was a property in the Flickr asset, just like search string.

Hi @it15,

The message you replied was 3 years old and it was a custom Interface Asset back in 2016. :older_adult:

Now Flickr is a standard built-in Asset, available by default. :tada:



Yes, I am using the built in asset - but how do I show images from a specific album/Flickr account?

I am using our Flickr API key etc but I want to make sure that no other images than our own is shown in our slideshow. Using only tags to determine what images are shown does not feel safe for us since anyone could “hijack” our specific tag and voila we are showing porn in the public library :frowning:

Is it possible using the standard Flickr asset to show images only from our Flickr account?


As you also opened a ticket on Support about that, I let you continue over there with Support Team directly :wink: