Find excel file location in shared project


I have an Intuiface experience with a contact form. In Intuiface Composer the contact form saves details to an Excel spreadsheet locally. When I share the experience I just see and exe file, where would I find the location of the Excel sheet?

Would I need to deploy my experience rather than share it to be able to find the excel file location.


Hi @alan1,

The Share via URL is indeed more a solution for testing an experience rather than using it in production.
In you case, you should deploy your experience and run it through an installed Player.


Thanks seb,

Could you tell me what’s the benefit of deploying rather than sharing intuiFace is?

Sharing via URL is more for a one-shot run of a project. Unless you allow it, the temporary installed player will run as a Free edition, displaying an IntuiFace Watermark.

Installing a Player with a valid license will enable you to manage it in time. You can learn more about this in our introduction to IntuiFace webinar (see at 60’)