Filter multiple values in excel

I would like to be able to filter for multiple values in one excel column.
For example: In excel there is a column with product colors. The user selects multiple colors in Intuiface, and only those are shown.

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Is this still an issue?

That’s correct, you still can’t do an “OR” filter with Excel. That’s mainly due to the way the Intuiface actions & parameters are built, as well as the “Excel engine” Intuiface uses under the hood.
I’ve added a new input for our product team.

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I am still trying to do it , didn’t gave up yet :slight_smile:

I already understood by Intuiface philosophy and how Excel works, now a days is not possible to achieve without some workarounds, but I am trying another approach that is by using a sheet that will work as a temporary stack of filtering result where I add and remove items when conditions are met and then use this sheet as data feed.

I am just checking if it is really doable and performante, if so maybe could be an option for my problem.

But yeah, having that feature by default it will be a huge plus when working with Excel, that and relations between sheets :grin:



Can’t you just uncheck “clear column filters” and add more filters? I currently have one with 20 filters in a column working fine.

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Igit Hi

Can I have more information or example about your Multiple filter.

I can’t do that for the moment.