Filter json



I am working with a local json file as an interface asset.
My json holds an array with objects that are related to one another.
Like so:
{“id”: 1, “group”: 1},
{“id”: 2, “group”: 1},
{“id”: 3, “group”: 2},
{“id”: 3, “group”: 2},
{“id”: 4, “group”: 3},
{“id”: 5, “group”: 3},

Is there a way to filter an asset grid by “group” so that I can show only items with group = 2 etc?

Is there also a way to populate an asset grid with only the first items in each group?


Hi @it15,

At the moment, off-the-shelf filtering is only available with an Excel file used as a data source, or with APIs that would propose filtering such as Airtable.
If you need to filter your local JSON, you’ll need to create your own JavaScript Interface Asset that will expose this JSON as a data souce and handle the filtering mechanism there.



I will look into JS IA, thanks!