Filter excel file for pop-up menù

we have scene with a scroll populated by an excel file, when you tap on a picture appear in foreground a pop-up that show you the pictures in an asset flow and in the backgroun we have the scroll, since we have bind the index it show the right picture and then you can move in the asset flow to the other pictures, it’s fine.
Since the pictures in the excel file are divided by categories i would like to show in the pop-up just the pictures related to that category.
What i’ve done is add a filter, but the pop-up show the right pictures filter, the problem is at the same time also the scroll as been filtered
I’ve tried to use a second tab with the same data and when you tap on the scroll the pop-up open show the right selection of pictures, the scroll in background keep the pictures, but the problem i’ve now is that the picture opened in the pop-up is always the first one to the related category and not the one i’ve tapped.

Any suggestion?


If you need 2 collections (the scroll & the pop-up asset flow) to display 2 different sets of photos, these needs to be 2 different data sources (= sheets in Excel).
If your 2 sheets have an index column, you can call a “scroll to” action on the flow to scroll to the proper picture.


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