Filter airtable by more than one value or combine results from 2 filters?

I created a company calendar for a client a while back and now they want to have it at all their campuses, but they want “global” events and “local” events to come from the same asset. I added a field in airtable with a dropdown that defaults to “global” and a few other options to choose in the case that the record is specific to a certain campus. All of the campuses will always display the records with “global” but if a record is set to “campus 3”, I want that to be ADDED to the “global” records and show up in the same collection. Is this possible?

Would it be something like:
{campus} = “global”,“campus3”
or {campus} = “global”+“campus3” ?


I think you could duplicate that record but set it to campus 3 instead of global, that way it shows when you use the global filter & campus 3 filter.

Hi Carson,

You might find some answers directly in Airtable support & forum articles, such as this one: Advanced Filtering Using Conditions | Airtable Support


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That would work but client doesn’t want any duplicates. There will be tons of events and lots of campuses.

Oh, then maybe the experts like Seb can help you, I prefer to keep stuff simple, easier to manage because my experience so far - the client ends up making a mess and then you wish it were simpler.


thanks @Seb , looking into that formula and will let you guys know how it works out.

Thanks @Seb I just had time to look into that formula and figured out one that worked for my case. Here it is for anyone trying to do the same:

IF(OR({campus} = “global”,{campus} = “campus 1”) , “true”)

The field on the left is where the user can select “global” or “campus” from a dropdown menu that contains all the options, the field in the middle is the result of that selection, in text form so it can be evaluated by the formula in the field to the right. So if “campus 1 API”'s field is true, it includes in the collection, any items marked global or campus 1.


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