Fading an object

I have a swipe object that animates on screen. After 5 seconds, I want to auto-hide this object. When I use the hide command, it just turns the object off. Is there a way to fade this object out rather than it abruptly turn off?

Is the “animation” toggle unchecked?

Here is how you get to it:

Click the button that I’ve circled; this brings up animation options.

Make sure this toggle is checked; then you can have it fade out.

Does this help?


Perfect thanks! One other question. This same object has a basic animation on it where it moves left and right. It works perfectly when I play my scene. But in that animation window you see at the right of your screenshot, at the top is the preview play button. That doesnt work for me. I hit play and I see the playhead playing, but the animation wont play. I can only see the animation when I actually play the scene. No way to preview animations.

Hi @trenken311,

Is your object in a group maybe, or off screen which makes it not visible in edit mode?

It is in a group but it doesnt travel outside of that. Can you not preview animations for objects that are in groups?


Is the trigger somehow attached to an animation of another object? (i.e. - when another button is pressed, it fades out and also sends a call for the button you’re testing to be virtually tapped, which would initiate another series of animations) Sometimes when I have a bunch of buttons/toggles that are switched on in the BG by another action, I won’t get a preview. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

No it’s just a basic jpg within a group, and the jpg itself has a move action on it. It works when I play the scene, but just cant preview the animation. The playhead moves in the timeline window, but it wont actually play the animation on the stage/canvas.

Hmm! That’s interesting. :thinking: It might be because it’s attached to a timer… sometimes I’ve had actions not want to give me a preview when the trigger was a timer. But I’m not an expert on this like @Seb

Well, in that case, I’d just go ahead and test it by hitting the play button and running the whole XP. Otherwise, I’d hit up Support.

@megan when you use the preview animation button, Composer doesn’t care about the trigger, it just tries do play the animation.

@trenken311 I just did a similar action on my side, having an image within a group, and the animation plays well

I’d recommend you to contact our support team and share your XP with them so they can have a look at it.

My original question about the group was to see if the image isn’t clipped by the group boundaries, which would prevent you from seeing this animation until the image is maybe first moved in a visible area.

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