Fade In Scene Elements


First day trying this application out. I am trying to fade in elements within a scene.
The only way possible is to use the timer - and trigger an event a fraction of time later 0.01
(does not work with timer set to 0.0 ??) and animate the opacity to 1.

THEN i have to go back to the scene and turn the opacity
of the element to 0. The real draw back is that i can no longer see the element

  • within the composition (designed layout) - sort of like ‘working in the dark’
  • there has to be a better way …no? Looked through documentation
    and not a lot of info on this - I come from a flash background - was easy as to do using it.
    pointers appreciated - IDEALLY - application would have a simple ‘fade in’ behavior…
    such that when scene loads the elements opacity is automatically set to 0 - perhaps
    I am missing something…


Hey John, great to hear you’re starting with IF. I’ve been using if for years now, and really like it.

The software should have all you need to do and more. If you want the opacity of an asset to change when the scene is entered, look in your layers panel - there’s a layer that has the name of your scene. Add a trigger to that “when scene is entered” and then for the action, select your asset you want to fade, find the visibility and effects menu, and choose “Set opacity” If you want it to fade in, then make sure the asset itself starts with an opacity of zero. In your action, you’ll set it for 100, then click ‘show timing and animation’. This will allow you to set the duration of the fade and other timing aspects.

Hope that helps - good luck!


Thanks Alex - Triggering on scene is nice to know - however - I suppose I have my first wish list request - would be nice to have element’s opacity automatically set to zero (or at least have an option for this) - that way I can see element on the scene itself - I guess the multi-element composition/layout needs to be set in advance - then set all elements to opacity 0 - and then run triggers from scene entrance. In Flash there is an easy way to do - using the onLoad method - BTW - thanks for the quick response - goes a long way into building confidence - going to pitch this to my company - don’t be surprised if I post a few newbie questions along the way - many thanks - your a champion…


UPDATE - I discovered a way to accomplish this:

Two actions:
1 - Scene > is being entered > hide element
1 - Scene > has being entered > show element

next question - is there anyway to copy and paste the trigger parameter code and apply it to another element?

anyway - this issue is solved - I can arrange all visible elements in a scene
and then have them fade in - on the timeline - in a staggered fashion - sweet


That can be done. Copy and paste the trigger parameter and your done.


Great to hear @john.weare
I was going to also mention, you can set the Trigger to be "After time elapses .1 sec"
Just another option to play with depending on what works best for you.

Copying and pasting simply entails right clicking on the action and “Copy”


Hi Guys

Had a further question about this behaviour:
1 - Scene > is being entered > hide element
2 - Scene > has being entered > show element

seems to work on images and text elements - BUT - does not apply to asset grid??

  • anything I am doing wrong?

Would seem this same behaviour should apply - is there another way to accomplish this



Hello John,

Thanks for posting in Community !

To solve your problem, the best advice is to set your hide action at 0s and without any animation (disable animation by uncheck Animated checkbox). Your show action may be delayed to start from 0.1s. In this case they will not overlap.

Another way to do this may be to add a wide rectangle or a wide image on you entire scene and animate only this one. In this case you will only have one item animated per scene.




Thanks Guys - Showed a demo to CEO - he is liking it - so looks like we will be getting composer and player pretty soon - I mentioned - how quick the support is for a newbie - thanks to all !