Facial Recognition

Just snowballing a little.

I don’t know if this would be considered creepy or not, but wouldn’t it be great if intuiface could recognize a specific individual like the president of a company of a MVP and display a special message or video just for them?

Is this even possible?

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This would be such a cool feature. More AI in Intuiface :slight_smile:

Haha, It’d be cool, but I think I’d have a moral dilemma with it :wink:

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And so GDPR would, at least in Europe :frowning:

@AlexB @Seb Indeed it raises many doubts. Or, we can also use the “Privacy Visor” as an extra option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRj8whKmN1M

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Stylish :grinning:

Hi Guys, I’m new with Intuiface and this is actually my first post, so please bear with me :).

Facial recognition already exists right, and then it’s a matter whether they are ‘anonymous’ or whether they store data etc… and therefore if they comply with local laws with regards to privacy etc…
In Europe, definitely this is an issue…
But in China, you jaywalk and few minutes later you get a fine on your Wechat app which will be paid automatically (O.o)
I saw a company in Taiwan that had pictures of their employees stored, and facial recognition was used to open doors instead of carrying a badge…
In a private environment or for a tradeshow, with approvals from the customer, I guess Intuiface could be used to develop an experience using this.

Or, if it’s just to impress a CEO… hide a guy in a box somewhere, and get him to press a key when the CEO enters, will be cheaper and do the trick :smile:

I confirm, at ISE 2019 we had a Magic Mirror Experience including a photo booth feature that had a GDPR related pop-up before taking every shot :slight_smile:

Delays the UX a bit but hey, the law is the law …