Facebook and Instagram feed

Dear All,

I was searching for ideas how to show refreshing content from our facebook and instagram accounts on our touchscreen.
I saw the old topic about the API - Zapier RSS trick, and there is that Web trigger interface asset as well, but they don’t seem to do what I need.

If anyone has a trick or a good practice how to solve this issue, I’d be more than happy to hear it.

Thanks in advance!


Give tagbox a tey we have used this and it seems okay for us!

Dear Louie,

Thank you for your reply!
I’m quite new to this, and unfortunately I don’t know what this means.
Is there more information about this and how to do it somewhere I could look up?

I’d really appreciate.



Hi @Zoltan,

I think what @Louie_Smith means is using Taggbox API with Intuiface API Explorer.

For details about API Explorer usage, I recommend you to check our dedicated webinar here: Connect your Intuiface Experience to External Data using Excel and APIs.




Thank you!! :muscle:


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