External Database to create chart in intuiface dashboard. Possible?

Hi! Everyone I’ve problem from my client about they need to have dashboard to show data tracking but they have some more external data to show in the dashboard. So it is possible to do this? or if i forward all data to airtable and merge with client data to create dashboard. it is possible? or any better way?
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Peerapon Leelaruji

Hi Peerapon @owlstudios081!

It is in our roadmap to enable the injection of external data points in Intuiface Data Tracking/Analytics hub, but as of today, the only way to send data to an Intuiface dashboard is through an Intuiface experience and the “log event” action.

It might be better to discuss your client project in a private thread with our support team, so please use this contact form to continue this discussion.



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Hi Sep.
Thank you very much. If i use third party to analyst our data point. How often it will send out the data? and it is possible to use services like Airtable to handle this case?
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Peerapon Leelaruji

Hi @owlstudios081,

It depends on the “third party” tool you use, but for example with Google Analytics (see this article section) :

It can take up to five minutes for data transmitted from the Intuiface Data Tracking Hub to appear in the Real-Time view and up to 60 minutes for data to appear in all other views. This delay is imposed by Google and thus cannot be controlled or accelerated by Intuiface.

I’m not sure what’s the relationship between our Data Tracking connectors and Airtable though. Could you detail your scenario?

Thank you very much Seb. :smiley:

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