Explore the use of RFID technology with IntuiFace

Whether you’re an RFID expert or a complete newbie, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to develop tag-based experiences for retail, museums, business and more.

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags are a low energy, low profile and low cost means of uniquely identifying items in the physical world. IntuiFace can easily work side-by-side with RFID tag readers, responding in context to the presence or removal of tags. Must be hard, right? In fact, to work with RFID readers all you need are basic IntuiFace skills.

We’ve created a new sample experience illustrating three scenarios using RFID technology: 1) in-store, 2) in an exhibition, 3) in the office. This experience will run a simulation or - if you possess PhidgetRFID - will permit you to use actual RFID tags.

Read about RFID and IntuiFace in our new blog post: Intuiface + RFID: Combining The Digital With The Physical For A Unified Experience

Or watch it in action in our office here:


Morning, Our first post here.

We’re using the enterprise version of composer and wondering if anyone has any experience all experience with phidgetRFID.

Has anyone actually managed to get the phidgetRFID IA working in a new project with multiple reader and multiple tags. I don’t mean the RFID example included in the experiences?

It seems that IF support are unable to shed any light on this and keep referring us back to the standard documentation here Explore the use of RFID technology with IntuiFace - Announcements - Intuiface Community

Som proper instructions would be helpful - unless we are missing seeing them.

Yes this has been achieved with RFID and NFC. ARCR122 U

Hi Mike,

Multiple ACR122U are not compatible with IF. The only way of using multiple readers is to use Phidget 1024s.
Got it working though - basically stripped back to zero and started again.

Single ACR122U & multiple tags works fine.

HI Avtar
Any info on how you got it working would be much appreciated.

What OS where you using? We had two NFC readers working with IF,

Avtar is right, multiple readers are only supported with Phidgets readers.

Could precise the issues you had to make them work?
Was the sample working out of the box with your readers?

Hey Seb,

We had two NFC readers working with IF we had an ARC122 U and a DTAG 100. A good example is to use you’re phidget sample and adapt that for NFC. That’s how I’ve managed to get two NFC readers to work.

If you would like me to share the XP I can?

Kind Regards


Hello GazM, not sure how to share an XP with you privately. @Seb can you tell me how to share privately please?

Send a private message to @GazM to get his email address, then share your XP with him as a reader.