Experience using a large touchscreen monitor at a tradeshow


We’d like to use an Intuiface experience at a tradeshow on either a 55" or 65" monitor. Looking for recommendations for equipment that would perform well with Intuiface.

  1. Is it a single touchscreen monitor? Is it a large TV/monitor with a touchscreen overlay?
  2. What model did you use?
  3. How would you rate its performance with the Intuiface experience?

Our other option would be to use a floor standing iPad with Player and Apple TV it to a monitor, but that’s not as clean or preferable.

Thanks for your input.


Hi @bpatterson,

We’ve been using ourselves such screens for tradeshows we attended and from my personal experience, here is my feedback:

  • if you have the budget, go for a PCAP (= projected capacitive) multitouch screen, such as the ones proposed by 3M, Samsung, Elotouch, …
    • a lower budget approach would be a classic monitor + touch overlay, but we’re in 2018 and it doesn’t look as neat. On the other side, PQLabs / Zaagtech overlays work quite well nowadays.
  • To get the best performance out of the screen, attach a nice PC behind it. See our requirements here.
    • on our side, we’ve been using Intel NUCs with i7 / 8GB RAM successfully with a well built IntuiFace experience. Check our optimize performance article for more info.

Hope this helps.



Hi @bpatterson

If you are looking for a reliable touchscreen these guys are good and work brilliantly with Intuiface! I’ve never had an issue with these touchscreens.

They have the following features:

  • 32 Touchpoints!
  • USB slot for a webcam on the top of the screen
  • Accurate Infrared Multi Touch Touch Screen
  • Anti-Scratch/Anti Glare Surface
  • Integrated Android OS and Built-in WiFi
  • Optional PC hardware upgrade for perfect performance in any situation
    Wall Mounting included
  • 3 Year Swap Out Warranty

Check them out here! Click here!

Kind Regards