Experience to gather user input and tabulate top 5 answers

Hi all,
I’m working on an experience where I’d like users to answer a question via a text input asset and then provide a running tally of visitor answers via a top 5 list. I currently have the answers being added to an excel spreadsheet but I’m having issues in successfully tabulating and displaying the top answers in Intuiface. I’ve figured a couple of ways to do the tabulating within excel but am having trouble getting that data back into Intuiface due to the way that Intuiface and Excel work together (or in my case don’t work together).

First, and easiest, method would be to simply create a pivot table based on the data that is input from Intuiface. The pivot table allows me to summarize the data, get a count of unique entries and sort based on that count. The issue is that, in order to refresh the pivot table data, I either need to close and reopen the spreadsheet or include a macro to auto refresh. The macro is out as it requires saving the spreadsheet as an .xlsm (macro enable spreadsheet) which Intuiface doesn’t recognize. I’ve also tried writing a simple VB script to open the spreadsheet, save and close. This works independent of Intuiface but when I have the experience call the script it doesn’t seem to work (script seems to run, but Intuiface doesn’t reflect changes I’d expect to see if the pivot table were updated properly).

I’ve also tried to do the summarize, count and sort of the data simply with excel functions (no pivot table). Again I can make this work independent of Intuiface. The issue is that I need to use both the UNIQUE and SORT functions within excel and Intuiface doesn’t support either of these functions (per this documentation page https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007430711-Excel-Supported-Formulas-on-Windows-devices).

Has anyone else done this type of top 5 data summation work within Intuiface? Any tips or tricks that might get me what I’m looking for?

thanks all!

Hi Brad,

First of all, you might want to contact our support team about that as you’ll be able to privately share your Excel file or more details about your project.

Second, I’d love to see how you are “summarizing the data” using juts Excel functions. Having free form text inputs to collect user answers can probably provide very vast and diverse answers, so I’m not sure how you would be counting 2 answers as “the same answer”.
If you were using a Mutiple Choice Questionnaire, that would obviously be much simpler, but it might not fit your needs.
Let me know your thoughts on this.


Thanks for the reply Seb. The real time summarizing in Excel is based on exact matches. Our current plan involves some amount of manual collation of the data to combine similar terms. I’m happy to start a support ticket and share the XP as it is now.


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