Experience roll back to 5.76


Hello all,

I tried to roll my experience back to a version so that it can be played on a Version 5 Player of Intuilab. I’ve tried the steps in this article: http://support.intuilab.com/kb/how-to/roll-back-after-an-upgrade-of-composer. But when I try opening the experience in IntuiFace Composer 5.7.5 it gives me the error that it is created in a later version of IntuiFace Composer.

Has anyone managed to roll back their experience from Version 6 to Version 5?

Thanks in advance!



Hi @ketschi,

Did you try to open the .ifx.backup_[5.x] file that should have been created when you upgraded your experience from V5 to V6?

BTW, can you tell us why you need to do such a rollback?




Hi Seb,

Thank you for getting back to me. Yes I did. I copied and pasted the project and tried to open the backup file but when I do it opens the Composer and shows me the experiences panel. When I then select the project it tells me that the experience was created in version 6 and can’t be opened in 5. I also tried renaming the backup file to ifx.backup_5.7.6 but it still opens only the Composer.

The reason why I need a rollback is that my clients still have the version 5 Players. To upgrade the Players they need administration rights from their IT department. The IT department can’t update the Players until next month. I want to create the rollback so that they can still use the experience for the time being.



Hi Max,

did you rename the backup file something.ifx.backup_5.7.6 into xxxxx.ifx before trying to open the composer?
In such case can you send us the the backup file? (better on http://support.intuilab.com BTW)