Experience Layer on a different scene

Could anyone help me? is it possible to show an experience layer from a different scene on another scene for example

Scene 1 - Experience layer group
Scene 2 - Button when clicked will show a copy of the experience layer group from scene one on this scene and once closed it disappears.

Or would i have to copy the experience layer onto each scene i wish to use it



The experience layer is available to view on all scenes, anything you put under this can be viewed in any scene you want. You also have the option of hiding an experience layer, so that it is visible in the scenes you select. For example you create a bottom bar menu group and put this in the experience foreground layer. This menu will then be visible across all scenes by default. You can choose to exclude it from any specific scene you choose.

Difference between scene layers & experience layer is - the scene layer is specific to a specific scene whereas the experience layer is viewable across all scenes by default (you can choose to exclude it from a specific scene)

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Melvyn that seems to be easy enough so i tried to show it last night but wouldnt show at location on another scene does it have to be on a certain layer


Sorry, I dont understand what you mean by show at location, is this some specific location for on the screen, the exp layer should be visible on all scenes except the ones you exclude them from. Can you send me a screen shot of what you’re trying to do ?

Hi @mr.smith100285,

As melvyn mentioned, can you add some snapshots to your question so we better understand your situation?




Hi @mr.smith100285,

I think it’s important to understand that an Experience layer doesn’t belong to a scene or another, it belongs to the entire experience.
You can define in each scene if an experience layer should be visible or not, as explained here.
You can also call show / hide actions on such a layer on any trigger, such as the double tap trigger you could add on the scene itself.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mr. Smith, as Seb rightly pointed out, experience layers are universal and available across all scenes. From your screenshots, it looks as if you have your the pop up menu in the wrong place. That needs to be put in as an experience layer for it to be visible in other scenes. Currently, you have it set to the specific Main Space as a scene layer not an experience layer.

I’ve attached a few screenshots to show you how to set that as an experience layer and also how you can choose to exclude it from any specific scene.

Hope this helps.


omg thank you so much mate

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Hello, when I try to “Exclude from scene,” it still shows on the excluded scenes. Is this a bug?

@cary.horvath I would suggest submitting a ticket via our Support channel, as we will ask you to share your experience with xp-for-support@intuiface.com so we can review what is happening in the experience.