Experience Groups

I manage an Executive Briefing Center that represents some 10-15 different industry verticals. I am running XP’s on 8 different player systems. I am looking for a way to launch XP’s based on vertical. For example when a Healthcare customer comes in I want to be able to trigger all of my Healthcare themed XP’s all at once rather than having to Deploy to each player individually. Any ideas?

Hi Edward,

The answer will depend if you have 1 single XP per theme that you need to deploy on 8 devices, or if you have 8 different XPs for a given theme.

In the first case, you can select multiple players at once, then deploy that 1 XP on all these players. See below.

In the second case, indeed our Management Console will not enable you to create a “deployment preset” and you’ll have to deploy each XP on each device. Although you can do that in advance with the scheduling feature, I understand you might want a simpler option.
One could be to use our Share & Deploy API to make these presets, either through a little web page / intranet page (to be discussed with your teams) or even in an Intuiface Experience that you would keep to yourself and launch on your own machine when needing to make such a deploy.
I’ve done that in the past myself to handle our booth on a tradeshow, where I wanted to deploy N XPs on P devices in 1 click.
This was a tool I was using on my tablet only, so don’t look at the design here :smiley:

Let us know if one of these options would answer your need