Excel + REST



Hello, we have excel table which contains data that we entered, but i have been testing excel power query which enables option of pull data from json structure.

Tired apply excel table to IF but i get message that i need to close excel if i want my data to be shown (all excel are closed)

Is it possible and if it is then how can i get excel with REST API option ?

Any guidelines from your side please…


Given that API explorer is so new, I’d imagine there will be many neat new features coming down the line. I would also like to know more about this.

I can’t answer your question directly, I’ll let the Intuiface staff provide a more detail. But if you can pull the data in to an excel file outside of the IF file structure, you can use something like Mirror Folder to real-time sync (copy) to the excel file within your XP. I’ve used this one: http://techsoftpl.com/backup/index.php It seems to be a lower cost one out there, but does the job nicely for copying files into different folders. Also, it doesn’t ‘open’ the file to copy the data, so it can be used while an XP is running.

Best of luck.



If you are able to pull JSON data from a server within an Excel file, you should be able to use the same REST API directly within the API Explorer. In this scenario, you wouldn’t need an Excel file anymore.

Regarding the message saying you need to close Excel, you should check in Windows Task Manager if there isn’t a ghost of Excel running in the background.


Yes, of course - we are already using REST API but in some project we have lots of data and Excel is much faster for sorting, filtering then REST API :frowning:

We are working in solution for excel & REST API and it cloud be good one - we hope :wink:

We checked excel in background and nothing, but we will check again…