Excel PowerPivot table unlinked if changed by XP

We use Excel Power Query & PowerPivot to combine several data sources from our ERP system into a data rich table used to populate tags for an experience. For anyone not familiar with Power Query and Power Pivot, it provides the ability to query other excel files, share point lists, file system folder structures… and transform the data into usable flat files. We use PowerPivot (very sismilar to Power BI) to combine all the queries into excel 1 table. The new table is read by Intuiface without issue. Everything works good unless cell values in the table are changed by Intiuface, which will “un-link” the table from the data source, rendering a refresh of the data at the next update impossible. Changing cell values in excel (outside of Intuiface) does not un-link the data model from the table.

This is problematic for us. We use Intuiface for our Production control room and users need to be able to update cell values (between refreshes) to set targets, move tags (X/Y), ect…

Thanks for your help.