Excel - Please Create Triggers

It’d be really nice to have Triggers available on the Excel Interface Asset.

We have them for API interface assets, Request Started, Completed, Failed. The nice thing about the API triggers is that you can create conditional arguments AFTER the data has been manipulated or changed.

Currently this is not possible with Excel. Here’s some Example Triggers that would be nice:

  • [Select Column, but default is “Any”] Has been Sorted (then, set your Action)
  • [Select Column, but default is “Any”] Has been Filtered (then, set your Action)

You see, now you can create triggers such as “When Column A is filtered and Record Number is Greater than 1”…Do an Action.

Or "When Excel is sorted and - Record #1 equals ‘Bob’ "…Do an Action.

As of right now, you CAN tell Excel to filter and sort and ‘kind-of’ do these things, but it’s not super clean.
If you want things to happen after Excel is filtered or sorted, you need to ‘delay’ your triggers for a reasonable time to allow Excel to finish, then time your actions to happen. But sometimes there can be a delay with Excel, and that can open up holes in your program. With these triggers, you can be 100% sure that the filtering and sorting you request is completed before your action happens.

For one example, I’ll often build Quizzes for tradeshows. Clients want to update the quiz questions each show to different types - multiple choice, multiple select, open answer, or TF. When a question is changed, I can tell Excel to filter the list of questions and as soon as it’s done, select the correct question template AFTER the filter is complete.

This is just an example, but I’m sure this functionality can be used in many other ways.

Anyone else want to see this functionality?

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