Excel multiple filtering/no match found

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to Intuiface. I use an excel file as interface asset and created some filters to it. I would like to avoid the big empty space when the result of the filtering is nothing.

I’d was trying to trigger group made of a “no match found” text and a picture to show, but I didn’t really find where should i set this trigger.

Does anyone have a solution for this situation?

Thank you


Hi @Zoltan,

You can easily deal with this kind of status in Intuiface. Indeed, Excel Interface Asset offers a property named Numbers of Rows (see in X-Ray panel below).
Here is the trick:

  • bind this property to the visibility of a message/group like “No results”
  • add a Custom Script Converter that:
    • return TRUE when Number of rows equals 0 (“No Results” message will be displayed)
    • else return FALSE (“No Results” message will be hidden)

See below:

You can see this in action by downloading the free sample B2B Sales Presentation - Manufacturing from our Marketplace.

This method is used in scene “Product Catalog” in order to deal with the case where search returns no results.




Dear Alex,

Thank you very much! This was a great help!!



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