Excel Instance / Copy

Hi everyone
We using large touch screens (65" / 4K) and want divide them in four quadrant. Each quadrant provide a “standalone” experience. Two of them, we’re using for simple games and the other two should provide informations which many items. Because we provide it in four languages (D/F/I/E), we’re using Excel for all text based Elements (pretty cool function for simple switching ;-).
Is there a way to build one experience and simple duplicate it. The challenge is, that each experience has to be independet from the other. For my understanding, there’s two excels needed. The problem is, that all text items pointing zu the original excel.
Any idea, any hints?
Thank’s … :slight_smile:

Hello @bruno.arnold,

You can copy the scenes from the other experiences into one experience by copying content between multiple instances of Composer.

As for utilizing the same excel multiple times, since you will be applying filters you will need a copy of the Excel asset for each experience. To accomplish this once you have everything copied into your main experience. Then do a Save As on the excel and rename the file for each experience and add them to the main experience. You will need to change the data source of any data feeds using the excel and point it to one of the new excel assets.

If you need anymore assistance I recommend reaching out to us through our support channel. There we will ask you to share your experience with us and possibly other info not for public forums.


Hi Bruno, Its completely doable, I’ve built an XP using 7 55" screens, what you’d need to do is -

  1. If you’re using more than 1 screen, calculate the total resolution of all screens. If its just 1 then no worries.
  2. Divide the total resolution into 4 quadrants
  3. Create a group the size of each quadrant and create your XP within this group. Please note that any triggers/ actions you create within each quadrant should only affect that quadrant (no scene triggers)
  4. For the excel information quadrants, create one quadrant first, place it into its own quadrant, then duplicate that group and place it into the second quadrant
  5. Now link all the fields of the second duplicated quadrant to its own respective excel sheet.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you melvyn. All the dividing things are already done. The challenge is the excel thing. We have about 300 cells with informations, all of them in 4 languages ;-). And this is the point: If there’s a way without relink all of them, it would be a big timesaver for me.

Thank you Ryan. The change of the datasouce manually for all text items cause a huge load of work :-(. I will reaching you trough the support channel …

if you’re comfortable sharing the XP with me, you can PM me and I can take a look at sorting it out for you.