Excel filter



i have an Excel file with 2 tabs ( menu, category).

Menu tab contains 2 fields: ‘name’ and ‘id’. Id field contains comma separated category.id’s.

Is it possible to create a filter to a category tab, to display only those categories which are in selected menu.id field?



Hi @i.olavi,

You can’t yet use “OR” rules in Excel filters so you might have to restructure a bit your Excel file. For ex, you could have a “menu” column in your catagory tab, then filter the categories based on the menu ID you clicked on.



Thank you for reply @Seb,

unfortunately that doesn’t work for me, because this solutions limits that one menu can have only one category, but i have menus, where one menu item can have many categories



Can you please send me your Excel file in a pm so I can have a look at it? I’ll try to send you back what I meant if that can fit your needs.