Excel filter & data transfer

I need help filtering and transferring data from 1 excel file to another. I have tried the “SearchFunction” example with Text fields converted to Text Inputs, but I cannot set binding.

Hi Brian,

Can you provide more details on what you call “transferring data from 1 excel file to another” please? What will be the criterion on filtering ?

Are you trying to remove cells from one Excel file to write them in another? Can you provide the 2 Excel files as sample please? (even empty, with just column names)

Any added information will be appreciated to understand your request :+1:




Thank you for the reply Alex,

I am building on the Task Board example. It want to use it to display tags in a “calendar” layout of selected widgets in our shop. Each tag will show 1 widget and have the following information: Serial Number, Sales order, Model, Customer… that I get from our ERP system.

I would like to filter our Widget data for the serial number of the 1 needing a tag, and have that information used to create the “New Task” on the task board (add row).

The Task Board tags & excel tabs will be changed to match the columns from our ERP data.

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I was trying to bind to the Text fields, that wasn’t happening.

I changed binding to the excel IA row and BINGO, data transfer!!!

It’s a small step I know, but a BIG 1 for me!

Thanks again.

Now to build a combo filter/create tag for the “Task Board”

Wish me luck.


Good luck @Hootie! :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: