Excel data not visible in timeline

Hi everyone,

I am working with Intuiface for just a couple of days now so I’am slowly finding my way through the software. There’s one thing I really can’t figure out, linking a Excel to a timeline collection.

The content seems not to be displayed within the timeline. I’ve zoomed out to look if it shows up outside the viewport but can’t see anything. I hope someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong :slight_smile:


Hi Stein and welcome to the Community! :tada:

You may have missed the binding between the Start date property of your Timeline template with the date value from your Excel file, as shown below.

You will also have to adapt the Timeline properties in order to show the required dates, like this

I’ve created a quick sample using the Timeline Asset with Excel, feel free to download, test and dig in.
:package: Community-Timeline.zip (6.3 MB)