Excel asset not being made

Hi, I’m having trouble creating an excel asset in Intuiface. When I click on add an interface asset and select Excel it allows me to choose an excel workbook from my computer but after I’ve selected it and hit “open” I’m returned to the composer and there is no evidence that anything happened. There’s nothing new under “Interface Assets” or “Content Library.”

Hi Catherine,

I know you may have already tried this, but try closing composer and opening it again and see if you can add the excel asset or it may already be added. Sometimes, a composer restart fixes the problem.

Another way to check whether the excel asset has been added is to browse to your experience folder - then in it Files > Interface Assets > A folder should be created here with the “name of your excel file_xlsx”. Inside this folder you will find your excel file.

Hi @catherine.oborski,

Can you verify that your Excel follows the rules detailed in this article section?

You should either see your Excel sheets in the Interface Asset panel in Composer or have an error message when importing your Excel file.