Event Registration on iPad


Hi everyone, I have an event coming up and I would like to make use of Interface on iPad to know who has come to the event.

I have a pre-registered guest list that i will pre load into the experience in the iPad. Each guest that comes in will look for their company, then their name. He or she will click and confirm his attendance.

My issue is how to link these 3 iPad to a single excel sheet so that I can know who has come and who has not? Another issue is how if a guest that had signed in using iPad A will have his name crossed out in the other two iPad?

I do hope someone will be kind enough to advise me on this. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hi @yan_guorong

My advice is that you label each XP A,B,C and then put the lists on all three and then use the Data tracking to track if the client has attened the event or not, from the top of my head that is the way i would go about when having three Ipads and three XPs

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Hi Louie,

Thank you for the valuable advice. I will give it a try.

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Hi Louie,

I managed to get it working. The iPads are sending pre set event logs to an excel spreadsheet and on mix panel. I could get the data from there, however, still can’t solve to cancelling of names among the three iPads.

But Thanks a lot for your advice. Helped me a lot.