Error Code 6306


I have tried to publish a couple of different experiences but it keeps stopping around 20 or 30%. Then I get an error message that reads:

“Unable to upload your experience due to error code 6306. This may be due to limited upload internet bandwidth. You can try again but if error persists, try to use a better internet connection. If you have a good internet connection, please contact technical support.”

I just did an internet speed test ( and we have 56mbps, which should be plenty fast, right? I’ve tried restarting Intuiface & the computer. I’m out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Amazon’s S3 service is currently struggling in the northeast US - it was down completely earlier in the day - and IntuiLab uses US-based S3 buckets for storing experiences created by North American users. We’re at Amazon’s mercy. Once they clear the interruption, you should be able to publish again.

If you enjoy this sort of thing, you could monitor the outage here.



Great thanks Geoff! I was just able to publish them… Our 4 touchwalls are coming along nicely. We’ll send you some video in the next couple of weeks…