Error 6900

i have an experience i like to purplish it but every time a get this massege

can anyone help me please to solve this problem

Hello Aziz,

Please make sure you’re not using too long folder or file names, including the ones for your images, experience name etc.
According to your screenshot, you may want to check all files and folders name length, located under the path:
C:\Users\hp\Documents\Intuiface\Project 1



Hey guys,

I hate to dredge this thread back up, but I’m experiencing error code 6900 on the other end — I’ve shared my XP via URL, and during the Windows Player launch this same error window pops up. I’m not finding any filename or path that would seem to be breaking a 248 character threshold. The longest image filename that’s being referenced by the Excel asset is 82 characters, and the XP filename is 33 characters. I’m not sure what the “real” threshold would be in my case if we’re adding those two numbers together plus the lengths of a few levels of sub-folders.

Any idea of how to figure out where the error is coming from? Maybe a logging option that I could turn on somewhere?

Hi Whit,

This error message is related to issues related to file name length, specifically if the project folder has paths too long to be saved in the default temp folder. Both the name of your project and also its location on the disk must be less than 248 characters.

This error is caused by a Windows limitation. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters. Files and folders should not be too long, and if they are, we recommend shortening their names and avoiding blanks/spaces/special characters. This includes media files and files referenced within Excel documents.

Once the files renamed, save your experience and publish it again, and the error message should go away.

That all makes sense, but I’m not seeing any unusually long paths/filenames here…

…or is ‘MUCT TG Grantees 2020 NO-TOUCH 1c’ already too long a filename? Or should I be looking somewhere else in this directory tree to see where the overly-long parts are?

Edit: I got the path to the largest image filename in my XP…
C:\Users\Whit\Documents\Intuiface\MUCT TG Grantees 2020 NO-TOUCH 1c\Files\InterfaceAssets\Thoughtfulness Gallery - Grantees - 101318_xlsx\Grantee-images\Portland Ballet Murdock Construction Grant - photo credit Blaine Truitt Covert.jpg

That one comes in at 235 characters.

Hi @whit,

It may work on your PC where the XP is located in *C:\Users\Whit\Documents\Intuiface*, but when using the Share via URL, the XP will be downloaded in an obscure Windows temp folder which is probably longer than this.
Just to validate that this is indeed the issue, can you rename this image’s long name, as well as others if you have any, and test with the Share via URL?



Well shoot, I was thinking the above made sense and that you would be right, but I shortened the XP name to 9 characters and am still getting the same result…

Seb, this is the same XP that you and I have been working with, FYI. So now I’m wondering if just shortening the XP name isn’t enough, that I also need to shorten the longest image filenames. Before I attempt that, is there an easy way for me to access the actual location of the URL-downloaded XP? If I find that, I should be able to answer this question once and for all.

Edit: I looked through the File Explorer and realized the flaw in my logic — since the EXE errored out, it doesn’t appear to have installed anything. :confused: So I’m assuming that I do still need to shorten those image filenames and re-publish.

I’m afraid the experience name won’t change anything here, since Player is using the XP unique ID instead.
And you’re right, if the download fails, you won’t be able to find the files on your drive.

As I mentioned earlier, can you please rename the long image file names that are referenced in your Excel file?

Weird, I totally missed this response, sorry! Thanks for the correction here, it’s good to know that changing the XP name won’t help, I didn’t really want to do that. :slight_smile:

But I did go ahead and try shortening the image names yesterday, and it worked! It would be great to know exactly what that threshold is, but I think it’s sufficient for practical purposes just to know that this is the source of the issue, I can always shorten the longest names and re-try launching the Player. Thanks!

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