Error 210 - intuiface player requires activation by our server

I got this error message today on two different devices. They won’t let me play any experiences. We just renewed their licenses about a week ago. The error message says:

*IntuiFace Player requires actiation by our server. Please ensure that your internet connection is working and allows IntuiFace access to the internet. Error 210. Version 5.7.4+72 Licensed to [my email] *

Then it lists the license key.

The thing is though, the computer is hooked up to wifi and I can open a browser and surf the web. Anyone know what’s going on here?? I couldn’t find any posts about error 210. Thanks for any help!

I would update the Intuiface player as that is a really really old version which could be the reason why the new license key doesn’t work on that player version.

Hello @rsettle I have responded to your ticket via our support system.

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