Embedding a webrtc video chat window

Hi there,

I want to use interface to start a webrtc call to our services. I’ve created a button that launched this URL: “https://demo.vc2.nl/webapp/#/?conference=demo@demo.vc2.nl&name=kiosk&pin=1234&join=1” in one of you demo templates on a windows machine but do not get the welkom stream and I don’t see anything.

does your html5 browser understand webrtc, or are there other ways?

Best regards, Ferdi

Hi @ferdi.vissers,

I think that even if the Web Browser asset supports a part of webRTC, it won’t be able to access the microphone / webcam on Windows.
An alternative could be to launch a third party application that would handle your webRTC services and use a transparent background player to display it on screen.



Hi @Seb,

When I hit HTML5 test pages in the default browser asset “https://html5test.com” I saw that I missed some essential support our WebRTC services. But doing some more investigation and saw that you guys have a have different players. One for windows and one for tablets/kiosks. And with using the tablets/kiosk variation the system is using Electron as engine that gives me better WebRTC support. In fact I did a test with everything working also camera/microphone. Within Electron the right codec are available as H.264 and even VP8.

Is the tablet/kiosk player maintained by you guys from within the app? Is there a certainty that the WebRTC support with audio and video will survive updates and sort?


Hi Ferdi,

Looks like you exchanged directly via email about this topic and your project, therefore I’m closing this topic.


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