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I would like to embed a video on my one of my pages. I would like to copy and paste my embed code. What do I need to make it work?

You could use an <Iframe to embed the video, alternatively you could download the video and import it into the project that way.

It depends on where the video is coming from.

Hi @david1,

We are currently working on an “HTML Asset” that will let you do that pretty easily in a future version of IntuiFace. In the meantime, here are your current possibilities:


where do I find Iframe?

I am getting error video cannot be played on this browser or player


I suggest you to start a discussion with our support team to discuss more precisely your issue.
Don’t hesitate to share your embed code when posting there.



Hi there, not sure if you tried this yet - but if you have a directly hosted link to the video, you can paste that right into the regular video asset. No browser needed. Won’t work with dropbox links, google drive links, etc. though. But you can find articles around that describe how to pull the direct link from those sites too.