Email Cache Access/View

It’s awesome that Intuiface caches emails to be sent as it is able.

However, the next logical question would be - is there any way to access and view the status of those cached emails?

For example, if a lot of people use a display at a tradeshow to send themselves an email with attachments, the staff person may want to see the current list of emails yet to be sent and their status. At the end of the show, it’d be helpful to ensure all emails were sent before they turn off the display and potentially lose those that were cached.

Perhaps an email cache data feed?

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Just wanted to comment and bubble this to the top again.

For tradeshows and places where there could be a lot of people entering their emails and receiving attachments, it’d be really helpful to see which emails are in cache and waiting to be sent. Currently we have no way of knowing if there’s an issue or not when the email is cached and IF tries to resend it.

For one of my clients I’ve had reports that emails are not going sometimes. I feel like there should be some way to see if IF is still working on them, or perhaps they’ve timed out. Kind of like viewing a list of print-jobs. And we all know how frustrating it is when print-jobs don’t go through :slight_smile: