ELO NFC tag reader

Does anybody have experience using the ELO NFC tag reader (Model E001004)?

We just got in and can’t get it to recognize any tags, only Google Pay or Apple Pay and even those don’t seem to get recognized by the “Detects a tag” trigger in Composer. Here are the specs for the reader https://www.elotouch.com/nfc-rfid.html. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @j-geis,

Did you try their Windows Demo Program Application and do you manage to recognize tags there?

Are you using RS232 or USB interface?

If this device isn’t compliant with the third party library used by IntuiFace you can try to set this one in “HID Keyboard” mode and retrieve the scanned values in a Text Input


It’s USB. I’ve been on the phone with the manufacturer and it may be a case of using incompatible tags. Thank you for your help.

even I am also facing the same issues, i have a small doubt…is it possible to send some data to this reader when we bring nfc phone near to it???

Hi @mrajasekhar2,

I’m not sure what you mean by “send data to this reader”. Usually, an NFC reader “reads” data, from the tag to the device it’s plugged to (the PC), not the other way around, unless it has writing capabilities.

Could you please precise your scenario?