Educational game, need help with conditional buttons

Newbie here. We have an educational game, where a problem is presented and 8 possible actions are presented. 4 choices are correct and 4 are incorrect. Once the player makes their 4 selections, they can press a lock-it-in button, and then their results are presented. I’m stuck on the actions and conditional logic. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be most appreciated.

Hi @brian.scarborough and welcome to the Intuiface community!

If the number of choices and correct/incorrect choices don’t change in the future, for that amount of choices, you could probably handle it with the proper conditional triggers.
For something more generic, I would probably go with an Excel based mechanism close to the one described in this quiz article.

If you want the Intuiface team to have a closer look at your experience, the best would be to open a ticket with our support team where they’ll ask you to share the XP with them.

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