E-Mail Form some Text Input fields concatenate for body


Hi all,

i need help regarding E-Mail Form.
I have create a form with the following input text fields

Send to:

(and now my problem… how can i combine/Concatenate the following input fields for the Body?)

request from (Name and Email)

I pray for a solution.
With these customer has gone so many things wrong.

Thanks all for yours support!


PS: Sorry for my “great” english :o)


Hi Edward,

You can use the Concatenate action of the Text Manipulation Interface Asset to merge all your inputs / texts into a single one, then bind the body parameter of the send action.



In previous projects, I think I also was able to use the Concatenate function right in an excel doc. All the form fields would be put together in a different column. Then I bound that excel column to the body of the email service in Intuiface. It’s been a while since I’ve done it this way, but it seemed to work Ok. It just didn’t really allow for new lines or separation of the text in the body.


Hi Seb,

I am trying to follow up on this thread, Concatenate does not clearly show how to link or merge multiple fields, is there a tutorial that would show hoe to accomplish this process?




Hi @helpdesk

I will reply for @Seb as he is most likely busy with things at ISE

Please see the example on how to use the Concatenate converter.

Essentially you have “Input” this can be a text asset and you have another asset which you want to use the Concatenate binding in the case its “Result” and you bind the text asset to “Input” and add the binding converter to the result. Press Concatenate and you have two options “Before & After” here you can add what ever text you need before or after the input. In the example i have put & Text.

Example 1.zip (6.1 MB)

I hope this helps


Hi Louie,
I may be missing something, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the second asset to show up for a concatenation. I see how I can add a text before or after, but I don’t see how can I add an asset or field in there.
Thank you for your interest in helping me out on this.


Hi @helpdesk & all,

I made a quick video showing how to use the Text Manipulation and its concatenate action to merge form fields into a single text / HTML.


Please tell me if that make things clearer :wink:



Well that was a good video.

Is it not possible to bind the converter “New text” to a text asset within the scene?

I couldn’t help myself but you have a setting “Cache” what does this sneaky feature do?

Kind Regards


The New Text parameter of the concatenate action is the one I bind on the Text Inputs in the scene. The concatenate converter I add on top on it will only receive static content, for the moment.
Actually, you wouldn’t need such a converter if you were calling the concatenate action with that static content before calling again with the next text input binding, but that’s my way of making things shorter :slight_smile:

The “Cache” converter is a custom one I wrote for a customer of us, that transforms a URL into a local filepath. I might share this one publicly soon :wink: