E-Mail Form some Text Input fields concatenate for body


Hi all,

i need help regarding E-Mail Form.
I have create a form with the following input text fields

Send to:

(and now my problem… how can i combine/Concatenate the following input fields for the Body?)

request from (Name and Email)

I pray for a solution.
With these customer has gone so many things wrong.

Thanks all for yours support!


PS: Sorry for my “great” english :o)


Hi Edward,

You can use the Concatenate action of the Text Manipulation Interface Asset to merge all your inputs / texts into a single one, then bind the body parameter of the send action.



In previous projects, I think I also was able to use the Concatenate function right in an excel doc. All the form fields would be put together in a different column. Then I bound that excel column to the body of the email service in Intuiface. It’s been a while since I’ve done it this way, but it seemed to work Ok. It just didn’t really allow for new lines or separation of the text in the body.