Dynamically change team schedules in an asset grid


I’m currently creating an XP for broadcast that would allow a sports reporter to go through any local football team’s season schedule, then choose a button in a toggle set (win, lose or ?) next to each match, so they can give a preview of what they think that team’s season will look like.

I’ve got a schedule built as an asset grid. I was wondering what the most efficient way was to show each schedule. Let me illustrate:

I don’t want to have to build a separate schedule for each team if I don’t have to (There are over 50 teams! Oof!), but I’m not seeing any way around this. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


Hi Megan,

I’d try to keep only 2 sheets in your Excel file

  • 1: the list of teams
  • 2: the schedule for all teams, with 1 column containing the team name

When you select a team from your Sheet 1 (Asset Grid), apply a filter on Sheet 2 to only see schedule elements corresponding to the selected team.

That’s the same principle explained here for multiple media elements associated to a single item: https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007181512-Associate-multiple-and-variable-number-of-photos-to-individual-items-using-Excel


@Seb- Thanks! As usual, it looks like I’ve been trying to over-engineer. Who, me? Never! :wink:

Back to inputting all of the team schedules/condensing…

If you like over-engineering and as it’s friday, let’s blow some steam and watch another fan of over-engineering :wink:

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NO WAY! I LOVE IT! Thanks for the laugh. And the inspiration. :slight_smile: