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We’re building an experience that populates a lot of content from a spreadsheet. One of those pieces of content is a long form biography text. The text field sits inside of a vertical scroll container. Problem is we have to set the height of the text box large enough to accommodate the longest bio, but when you load a short biography the vertical scroll ends up being excessively long. Ideally, we would like to use scripting to dynamically set text field height and vertical position based on character count. I’ve been experimenting, but would love to hear from someone who’s either done this before or has a good idea as to the best way to go about it. Thanks!


Hi @brian1, and welcome to the Intuiface Community! We’re glad you’re here!

I had a similar problem a little bit ago, this thread may have some answers for you:

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Hi @brian1 and welcome to Intuiface community.

The thread @megan referenced is indeed the best answer to your question.

Another answer will be a future “soon to be released” that will make your life (and mine!) way easier when it comes to handle variable length texts. Stay tuned :wink:


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REALLY (re: the new feature)?? WHOOP! :tada::tada:

Thanks for the quick responses. Unfortunately when I tried the formula in Excel, I received this error:


Replace the ; with , in the formula:


The joy of French Excel vs English Excel, probably :slight_smile:


Oh geez! I never even thought of there being a difference between French vs. English Excel… :thinking:




@bomee.lafitte WOW! That’s crazy! Merci pour l’information! :wink:

The best one for me is IMSQRT = COMPLEXE.RACINE :rofl::joy: I mean how do you get to that translation???

Parler français est difficile si vous ne savez pas comment … :uk: :wink:



Quelle horreur! :rofl:

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USA uses mph, lbs, inches and all those non-metric units while the rest of the world is “logic”.

France (and others) uses comma (,) in decimals instead of dots, and that can be quite a nightmare for some developers…


Yeah, we Americans are a “special” (read: weird!) unicorn, that’s for sure!

Time to get with the program and go metric, although I’ll be VERY confused for a loooong time.

Allors, tout le monde parle Français maintenant?:hot_face:


LOL- Ehhh… mais non? Je suis un Americain stupide qui parle un peine une duexieme langue. :slight_smile:

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You can’t be stupid if you are using Intuiface :wink:



LOL! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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