Dual Screen

I apologize if this topic has been brought up. I have a question though. We are wanting to play two videos simultaneously on two screens (Screen Left and Screen Right). We would want both videos to start at the same time and loop. I do know how to edit settings in the composer and have the video loop. Is this possible? If so - can someone explain or point me somewhere that explains how?

Hi Erik, please see screenshot, that is where you can change the settings to loop a video. Hope this helps.

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In addition to what Erik suggests, I would recommend you to take a look over this article available in our Intuiface Help Center on how to run a Windows PC-based experience on a multi-screen display.

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Thanks! I see where to have the videos loop but what if we are wanting to have two kiosks playing and starting simultaneously at the same time? Is that possible? These will be running using the Intuiface Player (we have purchased Player for Kiosks licenses) and managed and deployed remotely. I was thinking the possibility of creating a schedule to have both start at the same time but I can’t find how to do that either. I’ve found the Online Expression Cron Format Helper but this looks like it just has the options to generate a periodic scheduler and not a start time scheduler (and have it run indefinite afterwards).
Thanks again for your help!