Drupal 8 CMS and Intuiface tutorial

Hi All,

I thought i’d give back to the community that’s been giving to me. We have a current requirement to connect our Drupal 8 Content Management System to Intuiface. Thankfully the amazing people at Intuiface have made this so easy for us.

My methodology could use some work, but it is simple and effective. There’s no layers of security, or API keys etc, and I’m using Views to display my json data.

Note: I am not a Drupal expert, and I want to learn more about json, api’s, security etc… but this works.

Rather than post all the data here, i’ve created a simple step-by-step pdf if you want to follow the steps. I didn’t go into details for code refreshing, or what to do on updates if it loses data connections, or things like cache, I’ll leave that to the experts… Anyhow, see what you think, let me know where it can be improved.


Download the tutorial:
Intuiface-drupal-8.pdf (2.8 MB)

View the Intuiface CMS article:


Great article @Ryan!

I particularly like the fact that out of the 10 pages of the PDF, 8 explain how to set things on Drupal side while only 2 were needed to explain how to import and visualize the content in Intuiface :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smile:

Thanks for sharing!


Cheers, yeah there was no need to rewrite the book on Intuiface. The process is so simple with the examples you already have, and the page I linked to. The issue is making Drupal output the data you want. :wink:

I have a 6 month break after Christmas from work, so I’ll aim to do a full bloown tutorial on it then, that could be used for your reference, or happy to assist in setting up a Drupal example for/with you.