Drag n drop help

I’m in the process of creating a presentation that uses images much like a CAD floor plan with furniture blocks would. The problem is not with bringing different size images in the scene to use, but rather once I gather them inside the “Asset Grid”. When I gather my assets inside an “Asset Grid” collection I get the following behavior:

• Thumbnails re-size ALL assets in “Asset Grid”
• When dragged and drop in scene all assets do not retain original dimensions but all uniformly scale to same size

I would like to be able to have the images dragged into the scene retain its original pixel dimension, and not uniformly scale. Any suggestions appreciated



The images in the Asset Grid are not thumbnails, they are actual image assets. If you want to have same size for the elements within the Asset Grid you should try to place the images inside a Group with the desired size then add the Group in the Asset Grid.

For the drag and drop re-size issue, make sure that on the Asset Grid you have the “re-size ratio” set to 1.0. You can find this property under Asset Grid’s Behavior tab.


Will try including into group prior to inserting to the asset grid. Did play around with resize ratio without placing into group first. Hopefully this fixes it.

Ok, tried this and it worked. However a new challenge arose in which all the groups inside the asset grid are identical in size. I really just wanted to see if there was a “fast” approach to what I wanted to achieve. This is NOT a problem, I will construct a custom asset grid within Intuiface itself ;).
Thank you again.